Our service offerings include, but are not limited to:

Paralegal Representation

Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, MTAG’s Paralegals provide full and complete representation during all phases of appeals under the Assessment Act and Municipal Act. MTAG PPC ensures compliance with the ARB Rules of Practice from commencement date to final ARB decision.

Tax Policy Analysis and Advice

Every year municipalities are faced with decisions that ultimately effect how taxes are distributed all properties. MTAG PPC works with the municipality to design models so that the impacts of these decisions can be understood so that council can make informed decisions on what is best for their municipality.

Ad hoc Impact Analysis and Revenue Studies

Property tax is the major source of revenue for municipalities. Thus, it is important for municipalities to understand the effects of decisions have on this. MTAG PPC works with the municipality to understand the issues and designing the necessary model to create a full understanding of the outcomes on any decisions.

Assessment Base Management Support

MTAG PPC has full access to all of MPAC’s cost and income data, licenced by its parent company iLOOKABOUT and systematically evaluates every property to ensure equity in CVA between properties and among classes sourcing missed, erroneous and anomalous assessment.

Expert Opinions on Assessment and Tax Treatment

MTAG PPC supplies cumulatively, in excess of 55 years of Professional Expert Assessment Evaluation and advice to municipalities on small to large complex appeals and property tax. Our experts are well recognized and accepted across the assessment community. Tax Training (including capping) are also specialties of MTAG PPC.

Strategic Oversight and Management of Assessment and Tax Appeals

Materiality is a major consideration of cost benefit of actively engaging in appeals. Appeals that can set precedent are identified. Threshold levels recommended and administration of appeals is conducted on a cost benefit basis wherever possible.

Education, Training and Best Practices Support

Staff require the knowledge and experience of professional staff to properly do their job. MTAG PPC offers a complete range of training in tax and assessment for staff to competently perform their work.

Support of the Real Property Tax Analytics (RPTA) software

RPTA and the assessment analytic reports are essential web-based tools for any municipality that administers an assessment base management program. The program contains licensed MPAC data and sales allowing the municipality to perform its own instantaneous analysis on all data as MPAC uses.

Appeal Management Module (AMM)

AMM is a web-based module that is integrated into RPTA. AMM tracks all appeal dates, allows for notes and files to be saved so that they are easily shared, assign appeal responsibilities, Autogenerate Notices and much more. This module has been designed to make the administration of appeals as easy and painless as possible.