Based on the principles of fairness, equity and transparency, the MTAG Paralegal Professional Corporation (MTAG PPC) was formed to provide municipalities with access to the tools and expertise needed to effectively satisfy their property assessment and taxation responsibilities and objectives.

MTAG PPC provides Ontario municipalities with low cost mediation and representation for appeals or challenges of Tax Law and Property Assessment.

MTAG PPC offers a comprehensive portfolio of municipal finance consulting services with a particular focus on tax policy and administration, property assessment and valuation, as well as education and training to facilitate the development of best practices and quality assurance.

The company employs paralegals and consultants that are a highly dedicated group of experts with considerable and varied experience in assessment and property taxation that provide expert opinions and advice which allows municipalities to make informed decisions that suit their individual municipality's need.

MTAG Paralegal Professional Corporation is a provider of the Real Property Tax Analytics Software and the Appeal Management Module programs. This revolutionary software is utilized by staff to better understand assessments and ultimately reshape the property tax landscape.

“MTAG PPC provides more sophisticated assessment base management and property tax reviews not traditionally found or available in the market: taxing authorities will be better equipped to achieve cost savings, greater efficiencies and increase and protect tax revenue sources.”